Quantcast For eBay Listings, which is better, Auction not Buy It Now
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For eBay Listings, which is better, Auction not Buy It Now

By Jon Warren
Jon is founder of Soldster.com and president of 2nd Markets Corporation.
A Soldster Policy Update

Why should listers choose AUCTION over BUY IT NOW when adding items to Soldster inventory for later launch to eBay? One word: security. If someone is listing items who is not expert, they can make a mistake. It could be a VERY expensive mistake. An auction prevents the mistake from being fatal. A BUY IT NOW listing with a erroneous price of $10 instead of $1000 is fatal. Someone will instantly buy the $1000 item for $10 and there is no recourse but to ship it or cancel the sale and get negative feedback. But the same error on an auction is not fatal. This is why, as a rule, it is wise to choose the Auction format by default. If the person doing the listing is an expert, there is less concern about a careless or clueless typo. But if someone is not an expert or rarely lists, they should ALWAYS choose the auction option.

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