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By Jon R. Warren

Who Buys US Mint Proof Sets? We Do!

proof set buyer

Learn how to sell your US Mint and World Proof Sets to us from the privacy of your home for a fair price. If you are thinking about selling your entire collection to a trusted buyer with over 30 years experience buying from the public, you have found the right place. We are a top coin buyer on the Internet, including proof sets. We buy all US Mint or World Proof Sets and Specimen Sets without the delay of consignment or hassle of eBay - and for a fair price.

How To Sell

NOTE - we buy RARE SINGLE ITEMS as well as COMPLETE COLLECTIONS of Coin Proof Sets.

Top Most-Wanted Coin Proof Sets

We see a strong demand for most Coin Proof Sets - complete or partial - we are buyers.

We buy whole estates or collections of:

US Mint Silver Proof Sets

US Mint Proof Sets

US Mint Uncirculated Mint Sets

Proof Sets from around the world

2012 US Mint Silver Proof Set (we are currently paying $150.00 for this set)

1996-S 5 Coin US Mint Proof Set (we are sold out and needing to buy - paying $15 per set)

Common Pre-1965 US Mint Silver Proof Sets (the 1964 set is needed right now and we are paying $15.00 per set in OGP like-new condition)

Common-year US Mint Proof Sets

Rare-year US Mint Proof Sets from 1936 to 1950

1999 US Mint Silver Proof Set

US Mint Prestige Silver Proof Sets

US Mint Prestige Proof Sets

US Mint Sets

US Mint Commemorative Proof Sets

US Mint Gold Proof Sets

US Mint Bill of Rights Proof Sets

US Mint Silver Liberty Proof Sets

US Mint Premier Proof Sets

US Mint Silver Proof Sets

US Mint 1966-1967 Special Coin Sets

Bahamas Proof Sets

Panama Proof Sets

Olympic Proof Sets

Most Wanted This Week

One of our favorite proof sets is this 2012 set. If you have US proof sets in nice condition or not, contact us!

sell proof set

Some Sets We Buy

sell Proof Set collection


The US Mint began issuing proof sets in 1936, and continue up to the current year. We buy any and all proof sets

who buys proof sets?


We buy the silver proof sets as well as the common, non-silver proof sets.

where to sell rare-coins


From Antigua to Zimbabwe, we buy all proof sets issued by nations around the world. WE BUY WORLD PROOF SETS.

sell proof set collection


We buy any US Mint Commemorative Proof Sets. What have you got?

how to sell proof set collection


We buy ANY US Mint or WORLD Gold Coin Proof Sets.

top proof set buyer near me

1999 US Mint Silver Proof Set

We are always in need of the 1999 US Mint Silver Proof Set in the red box. Sell it now.

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