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Action Figure Price Guide

Comprehensive guide to current market values for Super-Hero and Science Fiction Action Figures, Starting Line-Up Action Figures, and G. I. Joe Action Figures.

Big Little Books Price Guide

Comprehensive guide to Big Little Books, Better Little Books and similar children's books.

Baseball Card Price Guide

A growing database of Baseball Cards, new pages being added daily with the goal of establishing a central repository of sports card valuations and knowledge.

Coin Price Guide

A comprehensive database of USA coins, with an ever-growing database of world coins.

Franklin Mint Price Guide

A massively complete database of Franklin Mint coins, commemorative medals, ingots, limited edition plates, and more.

Vintage Guitar Price Guide

A growing database of vintage Guitars, with estimated values and identification tips.

Hummel Figurines Price Guide

A 95% complete database of every Hummel Figurine, with estimated values.

Movie Posters Price Guide

The online version of Jon Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide, which has been a leading guide to movie posters and values since 1985.

Collectable & Vintage Paperback Price Guide

Comprehensive guide to current market values for vintage and collectable paperback books, Science Fiction Paperbacks, First Editions in Paperback, Mystery and Detective Paperbacks, and Good Girl Art Paperbacks.

Pulp Magazine Price Guide

A new project with the goal of establishing a searchable online database of pulp magazines and providing a framework for inputting price history based on actual sales on eBay and other verifiable sources.

Sterling Silver Flatware Pricing Guide

Use this guide to calculate the current value of your sterling silver flatware. Copy/paste the page into your email and send it to us for an fast cash offer based on the guide price here.