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How to Sell a Collection of Disney Pins


When it comes to collectibles, a picture is not worth a thousand words. What we need is a list. I know, I know, making a list isn't as easy as taking photos, but it is time well spent if you want to get the best offer. A Disney Pin List has the data points that a collector needs to know in order to figure the value of each item. Important data points can usually be found right on the pin (usually on the back, but also sometimes on the front)key facts needed are:YEAR (year it was made)NAME OF PIN  (it may be actually printed on the front or back of the pin, or you may have to wing it. When I say wing it, I mean like "Tigger and Pooh dancing", just a best shot at describing the scene) COUNTRY OF ORIGIN (on the back, does it say MADE IN USA, ro MADE IN CHINA, or just CHINA)SERIES NAME for example, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS PARK NAME (Walt Disney World, Epcot, Disnelay, this is not always on the pin)LIMITED EDITION OF (is it a limited edition of 1000? This is almost always printed on the back of the pin)CONDITION (is it new on card, or has it been removed from its card, is in the box with the certificate of authenticity, or has it been handled and worn?) A list in a spreadsheet format (like GMAIL's free GOOGLE SHEETS) is a great way to provide a buyer with information so they can make an informed and fair offer. thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you.

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