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The back of the lighter has a key turn to wind up the music box inside that plays the song 'Dixie'. Made in Japan. Front lighter: illustration of a Bowing Confederate and 'Welcome, Suh!' ; Rear lighter: Confederate Flag. Lighter size 1-1/2 inches wide by 2-1/4 inches high. Bottom of the lighter reads: HADSON Blue Bird Pat. No. 141469 MADE IN JAPAN. with Cloth carry pouch in DELUXE BLUE BIRD Box.
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This is a reproduction of Vietnam Era Zippo with General Infantry style personal etching (Not the real deal). Front Case etch: VIETNAM 69-70 (Emblem) ; Rear Case etch: I LOVE THE F***ING ARMY AND THE ARMY LOVES F***ING. Made in 1969. Chrome lighter case. Classic Lighter size 1-1/2 inches wide by 2-1/4 inches high. Bottom of the lighter reads (etched by hand): Bradford, PA III ZIPPO II. We have not cleaned, restored, or replaced any parts. All original.
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