Your Data is Secure Here! respects the sensitivity of your private information. Members can use our management tools with complete peace of mind. Here's how we keep you safe from snoops, hackers and other ne'er do-wells:

We secure your data physically

When it came time to select a facility to host Soldster, we chose one of the only commercially available Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities in the United States. Our system is located in a vault protected by biometric access controls and an intrusion-detection system, with guards standing watch 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Think of your data as a personal "Fort Knox" for your private information.

We secure your data virtually

Behind the scenes, we use sophisticated software to detect and deny any attempts at unauthorized access. If a problem ever escalates and requires "people smarts," the system alerts our technical team to investigate. This combination keeps our system -- and your data -- well out of a hacker's reach.

Our team follows strict access protocols

Occasionally you may need to contact our customer support for assistance, and a team member may need to view information in your records to fulfill your request. We carefully control access privileges for each representative, and only select senior-level staff are authorized to help you when yourbusiness data is involved.

How you can help

Be sure to store any record of your username and password in a secure place, away from prying eyes. If you forget your login information, we send the requested reminder information to your personally controlled email address.

If you have any questions about our site security, please Contact us.