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Rare 1860s MURRAY & GRAY/J.J. HIRSCHBERG Louisville KY Civil War-era Bowie

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The provenance of this knife is not 100 hundred percent clear but I believe that J.J. HIRSCHBERG potentially acquired the name rights of MURRAY & GRAY Co. in the 1900s and manufactured this knife along with other Civil War era arms & surplus.

Information on MURRAY & GRAY Co.
Before the war, John P. Murray, an Englishman, was a well-known gunsmith in Columbus. When the war started, he converted flintlock muskets to percussion for the state of Georgia. Eldridge S. Greenwood and William C.. Gray operated a cotton warehouse business in Columbus. On January 17, 1862, they purchased a sword factory from A. H. Dewitt to start their riffle, carbine, and saber armory. J. P. Murray was master armorer at the new Greenwood and Gray factory. Columbus, Ga. Was the site of much ordnance activity during the war. In addition the arms from Greenwood and Gray, the firm of L. Haiman & Brother was located there, as well as a large Confederate arsenal and depot. All of this activity of the Columbus Ordnance Department was under the command of Major F. C. Humphreys. Major Humphereys’ initials appear on the barrels of the rifles and carbines made at Greenwood and Gray. Greenwood and Gray sold part of their production to the state of Alabama. Shipments of arms against this contract from October 1, 1863 to November 1864 show that a total of 262 Mississippi rifles and 73 carbines were invoiced to Alabama at $18,335. The barrels are marked "Ala." with the date and inspector’s mark. (source: Anthony and Hills Pictorial History Confederate Longarms and Pistols)

22.4 ounces. 15-5/8 inches overall. 10 inch blade. 1/8 inch thick. Made in USA. Front Ricasso: MURRAY AND GRAY Co. ; Rear Ricasso: J.J. HIRSCHBERG LOUISVILLE KY. Steel blade. Wood handle. Steel guard.

The blade shows signs of use, sharpening, light corrosion, and blemishing that add to it's patina as a 170 year old blade. The Handle has some wear and the guard is slightly loose. Included is the bowie's original black leather sheath.

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