Soldster Feature Set

Soldster is a feature-rich eBay listings and orders management solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their eBay business. Soldster’s inventory management, order management, and powerful workflow automation tools give merchants the ability to create listings and process orders more efficiently than with any other eBay software.

Soldster’s intuitive interface allows you to tailor your workflow to your unique business needs. Cloud-based, completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Soldster is the ultimate eBay seller solution.

Listings and Inventory Management

Soldster offers a robust listing and inventory management system. Create new listings, launch them to eBay immediately or on a schedule you set. Cloning, templates, and category management, as well as inventory label printing and more are all at your fingertips.

  • Create new listing
  • Clone existing listing → Cloning enables you to quickly create a new listing from a similar existing listing.
  • Scheduled Launch→ Once a listing has been created, you can launch it to eBay immediately or on a schedule you set.
  • Create and Use Templates with Listings to avoid re-typing repetitive text.
  • EBay Category Support → Assign up to two eBay Categories to a listing
  • Create and Assign eBay Store Category Folders and assign a listing to ites folder
  • Print Inventory Labels → with an attached Dymo Labelwriter 450 you can print an inventory label for an item.
  • Assign Warehouse Bin Location Code

Order Management

Your eBay orders automatically appear in your Order Manager dashboard.

  • Your eBay orders and any future Soldster Marketplace orders appear in one dashboard
  • Send Invoices to your eBay buyers. Automatically combine orders to give discounted shipping to buyers.
  • Print Pull Lists
  • Print Shipping Labels with discounted USPS shipping rates

Shipping Management

Soldster offers a complete shipping management system within your Order Manager

  • Print shipping label from within Soldster →(requires a account and handshake with Soldster.
  • When you print a shipping label, soldster automatically uploads the USPS or FedEx tracking number to eBay.

Warehouse Management

Soldster facilitates an organzied warehouse so you can quickly find and pull sold inventory items

  • Bin Label support
  • Box Code support
  • Pallet Rack system support
  • Inventory SKU support
  • Unique ID tracing
  • Employee Theft tracing

Soldster Marketplace

Coming Soon → Increase your sales outside eBay through the soldster Marketplace.

  • Set-Up Will Be Simple
    • Connect your Paypal account to soldster
    • Connect your Square account to soldster
    • Begin making sales in soldster Marketplace
    • Money goes directly into your Paypal Account or Bank Account if using Square.
    • soldster never touches your money
    • No fees, no commissions charged by soldster (Paypal or Square fees will apply of course).