Soldster's goal is to become the nationwide network of expert buyers. Our motto is "We Buy Almost Anything!" I'd like to invite you to become a Buyer Partner in your business category. There is no charge, and no obligation. In a nutshell, Soldster works like this: new leads come through the soldster website as a result of our marketing (we are really good at lead generation!). Sellers fill out a simple online form. We then forward that online request to you and you handle it from there. If the lead is junk, click the REJECT button. It's as simple as that. Soldster is not a middleman. You deal directly with the seller.

Our buyer partner program guide explains everything in detail:   

Call me toll-free at 1.800.428.6580 or join now for free. I hope you will join us! Are you in?   

jon r. warren

Jon R. Warren
Chattanooga, TN 37409
Toll Free: 800-428-6580