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PURE SILVER WEIGHT: .3617 troy ounces. San Francisco Mint. Includes original box and certificate of authenticity. The 1982 George Washington Commemorative Half Dollar is composed of .900 parts silver and .100 parts copper. This is the first United States 90% silver coin to be minted since 1964 and the first commemorative coin to be produced by the United States Mint since 1954.This coin was issued to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of George Washington.
20-Coin Uncirculated P&D Set (US Mint, 2006) $7.82 face value. includes 5 state quarters, Sacagawea dollar, Kennedy half-dollar, nickel, dime and penny from both the Denver and Philadelphia Mint, for a total of 20 coins per set. All coins are sealed in cellophane within Mint envelope and Certificate of Authenticity.
This coin contains roughly 36 grams of sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure.
PANAMA 1970 Five Balboas Silver Uncirculated Coin (35.7 grams of sterling silver 925)The Official 1970 Central American and Caribbean Games Commemorative Coin, sealed on Mint display card.See photos, the coin pictured is representative of our stock of this item. Some coins my have light toning from storage.
Includes 2 sealed sample packs and an unused lighter in a collectible display box. Given to RJ Reynolds employees before the official release of the product in 1989. Packs are sealed, lighter is unused, display box has minor signs of wear.
This 60 millimeter diameter coin contains ~130 grams of .925 Sterling Silver and was issued to proclaim the 150th anniversary of Central American independence. It bears the portrait of Simon Bolivar, patriot in the struggle for freedom and the greatest of Latin American heroes. Minted by The Franklin Mint and issued in limited edition under authorization of the government of the Republic of Panama.
1992-S US Mint SILVER Proof Set in OGP Black Box + COASan Francisco Mint. The half dollar, quarter and dime are 90% silver. Includes original US Mint display box and certificate of authenticity.
FACTORY SEALED - ORIGINAL SEAL NEVER BROKENThis is the first year for the Kennedy half dollar. The Kennedy half dollar, Washington Quarter and Roosevelt dime in this set are 90% silver.
San Francisco Mint. Includes uncirculated silver dollar containing 26.73 grams of 90% silver, original US Mint box and certificate of authenticity.
2-3/4 inches closed. 4-7/8 inches open. Made in USA. Front Tangs: CASE TESTED XX. Carbon Steel blades. Gold Glitter Sparkle Acrylic handle. Nickel Silver bolsters. Brass Liner.
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