Welcome to the Soldster.com Guide to Safe Shipping

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe delivery of your items to our buyers.

1. Communicate, Communicate --- Keep Your Buyer Informed

BEFORE shipping your items to your buyer, be sure to communicate with them to notify of your shipment plans. You can do this by email or phone. Consult your email notifications from Soldster to get your buyer's email address, phone number, and shipping address. Buyers need to be aware of incoming packages, and can give you an estimate of value to use when insuring your items during shipment.

2. Box 'Em Up

Once your buyer confirms your shipment plans, it is strongly recommended that you mail your package using Insured Priority Mail with the U.S. Postal Service. FED EX or UPS are also OK but usually more expensive.

Prepare for shipment by packaging your items, as follows...
If shipping via Post Office, obtain a free box called a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box from the post office. You can fill it with up to 25 pounds of items for a flat rate of around $10.00 plus insurance. Be sure to insure your items for the appraised value. With Insured Priority Mail, you can insure a shipment for up to $5,000. If your transaction is worth more than this amount, you can use Registered Mail to fully insure the items (the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. ships rare valuables using Registered Mail, so it is very secure!).

Secure your items inside a strong cardboard box like the USPS Flat Rate box. Use plenty of packing material so the contents don't have room to move around in the box, or bang into other items, during shipment.

Use lots of heavy 2 inch Scotch Strapping Tape (available at Walmart, Walgreen’s and many stores) After taping the box(es) securely, make sure there are no old labels visible on the outside of the box. If there are, cover them up. Sometimes the Post Office will help you fix this by putting their own tape over the box when you're ready to mail it. If you're not sure, just bring to the Post Office and they'll help you out.

Use a mailing label (like the one shown below only with the buyer's address) and affix it to the outside of the box.

Make A Trip To The Post Office or UPS or FED EX (or schedule a pick up)

Once everything is packaged properly, it's time to go to the post office. Since you will need to buy insurance, you cannot simply give your package to the mail man.

If you'd like to use a different shipping provider or carrier (other than the US Post Office), it is OK but shipping costs will probably be much higher. To save yourself money, we highly recommend the US Postal Service. On the other hand, if you go to FED EX Office or the UPS Store, they will package your item(s) for you and do the whole job for one price including shipping and insurance fees. If shipping by Fed Ex or UPS, be sure to request GROUND SERVICE to save money.

NOTE: Buyers are not responsible if your items are lost or damaged during shipment. If items are lost or damaged in the mail, your insurance will cover it. This is why it is so important to securely and carefully package your items in gorilla-proof packaging.

3. IMPORTANT! Include Your Details Inside

It is VITAL that you include your full name, address, phone number, email, and details about the deal in a letter inside the package. Too many sellers forget to include details INSIDE the package, and when the box gets thrown away, the buyer has no idea how to contact you.

Also, be sure to include an inventory list of the items you are shipping (or if you have been corresponding with our buyer through e-mail, enclose a copy of the last e-mail sent or received).

4. Notify Your Buyer That Shipment Is On Its Way

Send your buyer an email message to confirm the shipment has taken place.

5. Receive Payment

When the buyer receives your shipment, they will send you a confirmation e-mail. Shortly thereafter (usually the same day, not more than 5 business days), they will contact you to confirm the offer to you. This offer will always be a confirmation of the original offer sent to you, unless a mistake has been made by you when describing what you had. NOTE: in the rare event of an economic collapse or world calamity, buyers reserve the right to cancel offers and return your items to you at their cost.

How Will You Be Paid?

Buyers can make payment to you via any of the following:

Company Check


Wire Transfer

Third Party Escrow (such as escrow.com)

Sample Mailing Label